Sharam Completes South America Tour, Publishes Podcast


"This past september, I embarked on a four-day mini South  American tour as part of the release of my new album Retroactive, which came out on Sony South America.  The tour started in Bogota, Colombia and Club Octava and in Santiago, Chile at Bunker followed by Privilege at Buzios, Brazil and Crobar in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  It was a phenomenal mini tour thatreminded me why I love South America so much and, more importantly, it was a reminder that underground music is alive and well amidst the bombardment of cookie cutter music that hastaken over the world.  The crowds in all four cities were well-educated and ready to let go and join me on a musical ride.I recorded a few of the sets and I‘m very happy to share one of them with you.  here is my set live from Crobar Buenos Aires, where I was able to take the crowd on an eclectic musical ride with the emphasis on keeping it deep and dark with flares of light."

Sharam Remixes Kings of Tomorrow

Taking a step back from packed Yoshi Classics, we’ve decided to keep it simple with this one, Kings of Tomorrow’s “I Want You For Myself.” This tune needs no introduction; it’s a vocal powerhouse that had dancers singing along worldwide in the summer of ’98. Now it returns with a remix from none other than Yoshitoshi label boss Sharam.

His remix keeps the classic house spirit of the original alive, but has modernized it with a crushing bass line and Sharam’s trademark, whooshing sound effects.  Big builds and swells gradually control the energy of the song as Julie McKnight’s giant vocals repeat those classic lines.  

“You know when a song gets in your head and it won’t let go? Sometimes to the point of annoyance? Well, thats what happened to me the first day i heard KOT’s “I Want You For Myself,” except it never got annoying. It got better with time. It stayed sweet and powerful and inspiring — year after year after year. 18 years running i still consider it one of the best Yoshitoshi signings and a true house classic. So when we decided to take on this behemoth project of updating theYoshitoshi Classics, as part of celebrating 20 years of releasing music that goes beyond categorization, I always knew which one i wanted to reinterpret.  It was always Sandy Rivera & Jay ‘Sinister’ Saelee's (Kings Of Tomorrow) 'I Want You (For Myself)’ featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Julie McKnight. A seminal record that defined soulful house music for years to come, I hope I’ve done it justice 18 years later.”