Sharam Releases 'Lobi,' First Single of 2019

Anyone who has seen videos from Sharam's recent sets or listened to episodes of Yoshitoshi Radio of late is aware that the Yoshitoshi label boss is sitting on a treasure trove of new music. After wrapping up the Collecti chapter of his career with two ace remix packs in late 2018, Sharam is kicking off the new year with a release he has been teasing for months: 'Lobi.'

The track takes its name from the Lobi tribe of Eastern Africa, its core sample lifted from a unique tribal song which Sharam loops into an earworm hook. Underneath this bit of aural ecstasy, Sharam lays down a thumping bass groove with an almost Latin flare. His signature DnB style bass fills cut in and out before a wistful 303 riff and uplifting piano chords build to an astounding climax. It's this final drop that has had crowds all over the world going nuts during Sharam's peak moments. It's a perfect way to kick off what is sure to be a huge year for Sharam, with tons of new music and the beginning of the celebrations for Yoshitoshi's 25th anniversary.

Sharam Remixes Crooked Colours

As the acclaimed three-piece Australian outfit Crooked Colours gear up for their first major US headlining tour, the band have now released a carefully curated remix pack for their most recent single “I’ll Be There”. The tune received remix duties from some of the greatest record producers in the electronic genre, including fellow Australian flagship act Bag Raiders, Grammy Award-winning record producer Sharam, Belgium’s Kolombo, Portuguese multi-talented musician and skateboarder Xinobi, and more.

Sharam’s remix of “I’ll Be There” is typical Sharam; the Grammy-winning producer is known for his clever reworkings of vocal tracks. Sharam keeps the essence of the original while adding his own unique flavor to the mix, creating a deep and club-ready remix that’s become an integral part of Sharam’s recent sets.

Sharam's Collecti Remixes - Out Now


It’s been one year since Sharam released his sprawling third artist album Collecti. The work was praised by a wide range of DJ’s and respected outlets and proved that the legendary DJ and Yoshitoshi label owner has his finger to the pulse when it comes to the underground.

To celebrate Collecti’s one-year anniversary, we’ve commissioned the first round of remixes from some of the most cutting edge names in dance music, and the resulting packages is a diverse and exciting mix of styles and sounds.

French techno mainstay Olivier Giacomotto kicks things off with his remix of “Amnesi,” a track originally inspired by the sounds of 90’s drum n’ bass. Giacomotto starts off deep and gradually builds to a frenetic and funky drop filled with phased and flanged out synth work. Next, Italian up-and-comer DJ Dep makes his Yoshitoshi debut with his remix of Sharam’s 2009 classic Texi, delivering a hard-driving tech house excursion that takes the iconic melody riff of the original and plants it over an insatiable, stripped down groove.In addition to these stellar remixes, Sharam has provided new “2020” edits of both tracks. Collecti Remixes Part 1 will be available on Beatport and Spotify on October 12th, and a second remix package will follow in early 2019.

Sharam Remixes Paul Simon's 'I Know What I Know'


It’s not often you get to remix such legendary artists as Paul Simon. So when I was approached to do a remix for the 25th anniversary of his seminal album Graceland, I was extremely honored and couldn’t say no. Paul has been an inspiration for countless artists over the years (including myself).

I have been playing this mix exclusively for over a year to countless inquires. I'm very happy to finally share it with the world.

My "Motherland Mix" of “I Know What I Know,” is out today on all major channels, go give it a listen!

Sharam Kicks off 2018 with Two Remixes

With 2018 not even through its first quarter, Sharam has already on track to have yet another hugely productive year.  In January, his first remix since December 2016, a dark and winding update on Luzon’s classic record ‘Manila Sunrise,’ was released on Beatport and quickly entered the genre’s top 10.  Listen via Progressive Astronaut.

Not content to just sit back and watch the charts, Sharam unleashed another remix in on February 23 of OC & Verde and Eli & Fur’s first official collaboration “Sweet Perfection,” which is out (along with the original mix) on Sharam’s hugely influential label Yoshitoshi Recordings.  The package, which has seen rotation on BBC Radio 1 from Pete Tong and Danny Howard, is already taking the Beatport charts by storm. Listen via Mia Mendi.  

Sharam announces new album "Cities"

"Well... this week marks the beginning of the next chapter. I start my next album. Its an exciting new project called #Cities where I will be collaborating with some of my favorite producers/people. DJs and friends that I look up to, admire, and am eager to learn from. Each track will be named after the ‘City’ those fine producers are from. This is a project that will require an unprecedented amount of focus and efficiency from me, as such I have decided to not do any gigs for the winter months into spring. I’m hoping at the end of this journey I will have something really cool and exciting to share with you guys. Something that I, and my collaborators can be proud of. The aim, as it’s always been with me, is to push the boundaries and possibilities of music and have fun in the process.

I do have one previously scheduled gig in NY on Feb (8) at The Good Room. I will use that opportunity to test drive some of these new cuts. I’m already looking forward to that, but mostly I’m intrigued and excited about the new possibilities this project brings. I will not be as active on my socials but will keep you guys in the loop about what’s happening. Perhaps even share the struggle as i’m sure it’s not gonna be all smooth sailing, but that’s part of the process.
Yoshi Radio will continue as a weekly show and will serve as my ‘DJ practice’ so that I stay in ‘DJ Shape’ for when I get back on the road.

Until then... Stay True, Stay Cool, Stay Deep and Stay Gold!"

- Sharam


Collecti Debuts in the iTunes Dance Top 20

After a summer spent experimenting with the album format and releasing twelve of Collecti’s tracks as three distinct EP’s, a full length album with a ninety-minute continuous DJ mix version and bonus material is here, debuting on release day in the iTunes Dance Top 20.

The album displays Sharam’s unique and diverse production style, focusing on his roots in the underground world of techno.  It’s a thrilling and epic sonic marathon, with fifteen tracks that average over eight minutes in length and showcase a wide variety of sounds and textures.  From the rough, drum n’ bass inspired sounds of opener Amnesi, to the chaotic white noise melodies of Filthi and Crazi, to the acid groove of Napoli, the roaring Scorpi, and the gurgling textures of Basic Channel-influenced Mini, the album contains elements from every corner of techno and its sub-genres.  The album’s consistency lies in Sharam’s masterful arrangements and incredibly textured sound design, which is felt most prominently when listening to the continuous mix. 

Sharam is no stranger to the mix compilation, having put together many over the years, perhaps most famously for acclaimed English brand Global Underground.  As he did with his debut album Get Wild in 2009, Sharam has mixed together all the original tracks on Collecti, applying the same methodology to craft a breathtaking journey that flows with the same energy of his legendary DJ sets. It is a feat few (if any) can claim.   

Collecti is out now on all digital stores, and four limited edition vinyl records are available from select retailers and Yoshitoshi’s web store.

Sharam Releases Second Part of Collecti ALBUM

Sharam is back with part 2 of his Collecti project, unveiling four more tracks that display his continuous reimagining of sound and style as he delves deeper into the world of techno.

Part 2’s opener “Amnesi” shows off Sharam’s penchant for drum n’ bass sounds with a hard- hitting reece line that pulsates over nine minutes of frenzy-inducing techno rhythms. Its hypnotic breakdown conjures elements of trance, but in an abstract manner. “Filthi”, the dirtiest of this new bunch, uses abstracted, modulated white noise to conjure up a fragmented melody over a funky driving beat and sound effects. Next comes “Melodi,” a brooding cut that pits epic arpeggiations and chord swells against stripped-down, bass-heavy breakdowns. Sharam uses two distinctly different bass lines to concoct a euphoric, dare we say, progressive cut with drivng elements. Finally, the newly remastered “Crazi” picks up where “Filthi” left off (or was it the other way around?), advancing Sharam’s white noise lead technique into a ten-minute marathon that jolts and pivots like an Formula One car in the hands of a seasoned driver, with perhaps the craziest breakdown ever created - hence the name.

“Peeling the pages of the Collecti album has been a very exciting process for me. Through breaking down the album into 4 parts, people get to experience the individual tracks more intimately and get a closer look inside my creative process. Very happy to share part 2 of Collecti with you and thanks for all your support on Part 1.”