Sharam announces new album "Cities"

"Well... this week marks the beginning of the next chapter. I start my next album. Its an exciting new project called #Cities where I will be collaborating with some of my favorite producers/people. DJs and friends that I look up to, admire, and am eager to learn from. Each track will be named after the ‘City’ those fine producers are from. This is a project that will require an unprecedented amount of focus and efficiency from me, as such I have decided to not do any gigs for the winter months into spring. I’m hoping at the end of this journey I will have something really cool and exciting to share with you guys. Something that I, and my collaborators can be proud of. The aim, as it’s always been with me, is to push the boundaries and possibilities of music and have fun in the process.

I do have one previously scheduled gig in NY on Feb (8) at The Good Room. I will use that opportunity to test drive some of these new cuts. I’m already looking forward to that, but mostly I’m intrigued and excited about the new possibilities this project brings. I will not be as active on my socials but will keep you guys in the loop about what’s happening. Perhaps even share the struggle as i’m sure it’s not gonna be all smooth sailing, but that’s part of the process.
Yoshi Radio will continue as a weekly show and will serve as my ‘DJ practice’ so that I stay in ‘DJ Shape’ for when I get back on the road.

Until then... Stay True, Stay Cool, Stay Deep and Stay Gold!"

- Sharam