Listen to Sharam's three-hour mix live from Sonic Soul Tribe at Burning Man 2019


"What you gonna play at Burning Man?"
That's the question I was asked by almost all my friends, and almost everyone had a strong opinion about it which kinda of threw me for a loop. Am I supposed to play what I always play or play something different? or a combination of both? Do I program it or just wing it?
Well, rather than over think it, I decided to wing it, like I've done all my DJ life (Never been the type to pre-program sets). Figured I'd let the vibe and the crowd inspire and dictate the course of the night, and what better setting than Burning Man, right? A place that oozes inspiration and since the amazing people at Sonic Soul Tribe provided me with a 3 hour time slot I decided to take people (and myself) on a journey.
I'm very happy to share with you 3 hours from a magical place in the middle of a neon desert.

You can be the judge.

Big thanks to #SonicSoulTribe for hosting me and my crew at their camp. We an amazing experience.
Also special thanks to #RootSociety where I played to another sureal and incredible venue a few nights later. I'll be sharing that set soon as well.

- Sharam